Blech biegen
Blech biegen

Services provided

Bending, Beveling, Rounding

Modern press braking technology is the pre-requisite for lasting, dimensionally stable end products.

Our servo-hydraulic punch presses by AMADA enable us to complete almost any bending task with optimal outcome. The control of the punch presses offers four different program variations (Teachmode, Anglemode, 2D and 3D mode) for high flexibility and productivity.
A great range of tool variations allow for standard bends, but beyond that, affords the opportunity for Z-bends, radial bends of varying sizes and wrap-around beveling.

The optimal angle control and measuring service DIGIPRO by AMADA precisely calibrates beveled angles. The measurement is transmitted to the control and possible deviating angles are automatically corrected.

Technical Data

Length of the press beams: max: 2500mm
Clearance: max: 200mm
Press force: max: 800 kN