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Services provided

Bolt Welding/Insertion Pressing

Bolt Welding

Bolt welding is a method for safely and economically mounting threaded bolts, internal threaded bolts and flush mount grounding plugs onto sheet metal.

For finishing, we use several handheld bolt welders as well as two CNC driven Soyer coordinate tables, with up to four welding heads each, and a
work area of 1000 x 2000 mm. Precision and customized programming can be achieved using dxf-Files.

Self-clinching fasteners

Self-clinching fasteners are an excellent alternative to welding bolts, especially when there is a higher load on both sides, to accomplish dual-sided mounting on sheet metal, or if welding bolts cannot be used due to space limitations.

With our PEMSERTER-3000 Installation Press we can reliably and precisely fit press fitted bolts, press fitted nuts or press fitted threaded sockets up to 8mm in diameter.

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