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The Company

Company History

1972 Founding of the company Ing. Fleischmann as a vendor of electrical and electromechanical components in Munich.

1982 Acquisition of the company by Mr. Friedrich Schuller and Mr. Rainer Grodzicki.

1983 Relocation to the new facility in Munich, Lohensteinstrasse 22.

1989 Expansion of the product range to include custom specialty enclosures. Relocation to Rudi-Seibold-Strasse 39 with approximately 1000qm of production and storage space.

1992 Founding of our sister company, GSO-Oberflächentechnik GmbH and the start of powder coating of our own as well as external products.

1993 Completion of our own 800qm manufacturing facility for powder coating, located in Mammendorf near Fürstenfeldbruck.

1997 Acquisiton of METEC Metalltechnik in Sittenbach and development of our own sheet metal fabrication process, with emphasis on custom made enclosures. Re-naming of the company to APM-Gehäusetechnik GmbH, 9 employees.

2001 Construction phase in Mammendorf and occupancy of the new production facility by APM-Gehäusetechnik GmbH. At this point, the two sister companies, APM-Gehäusetechnik and GSO-Oberflächentechnik are merged under the same roof, occupying 2500qm. Development of the sheet metal fabrication process progresses rapidly and at the end of 2001, the company employs 27 staff members.

2004 Introduction of quality control management and certification of the whole operation to DIN ISO 9001.

2006 3. Construction phase in Mammendorf. The two previously separate production facilities are joined through a connecting structure. This increases the available manufacturing and administrative space to approximately 3500qm. Metal fabrication expands to include modern machines such as laser, punch and folding presses by AMADA. In addition to the previous products which were made of standardized steel plate and aluminum, the manufacture of high-grade stainless steel enclosures is added as a further, important area of production. For this purpose, a modern grinding facility is built, quipped with Kuhlmeier long-belt grinders.

2014 New construction of one of the most advanced powder coating centers in the greater Munich area and move of GSO-Oberflächentechnik GmbH to its new location in Olching. In a production area of 3500qm, metal parts with maximum measurements of L = 7000 x W = 1500 x H = 2000mm can be coated. APM-Gehäusetechnik takes over the newly vacated facilities of GSO-Oberflächentechnik GmbH in Mammendorf and once more expands its production capacity to approximately 4000qm. Altogether, there is now a production area for sheet metal fabrication and powder coating that adds up to about 7500qm.

2015 Participation in research projects for the development of faster analytical systems in association with university institutes and biotech companies.